Bespoke Willow Sculptures in Somerset

Willow has been grown on the Somerset Levels since mankind moved into the area.

The low lying flood plains of the Somerset Levels and Moors provide the perfect conditions for Willow growing. Somerset is now the only area in the UK where Willow is grown commercially.

6 inch cuttings are planted in the Spring and  the willow is harvested in the second year and annually thereafter for the following 30 to 60 years.

Willow has been used to make baskets for many years; more unusual uses include making the frames in bearskin hats worn by the Grenadier Guards and even coffins!

Willow sculpture is becoming very popular, with people spending more time designing their gardens to create a relaxing outdoor environment.

Natural Willow sculptures enhance the foliage of the trees and shrubs and even provide shelter for birds and small mammals.